Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bellfine's Tsubasa 1/8 scale figure released

After a delay last month, Bellfine's second Symphogear figure was finally released yesterday. I recorded a short video while I unboxed it, check it out for some of my impressions and comparisons to previous figure releases.

Also be sure to check out the most recent update on the 4koma page.


  1. Nice Figures!
    Im Have Figma Hibiki & Tsubasa!
    IM Love it!
    There's Custom Figma of Chris Yukine made by Fans with a FIGMA Garage Kit!

  2. Guess with Chris it'd be harder to replicate that smile with all the teeth showing without feelig overboard. But yeah, even I was kinda disappointed when I saw the preview of the figure that they couldn't replicate her CD case features.